Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Society functions because we have jobs

This is a translation from Spanish of an excerpt of my book Pensamiento Organizado: Una psicotecnologĂ­a para ser feliz, eficiente y colaborar inteligentemente [Organised Thinking: A psychotechnology to be happy, efficient and to collaborate with intelligence].
Human societies survive as a result of what human beings do. We, human beings, produce objects (buildings, pavement, bridges, automobiles, etc.) and provide services (health, education, communications, justice, etc.). If we do not carry out these activities society would soon collapse. People naturally wish the society in which they live survives. Hence, they should contribute to society by working.

So you see that our jobs are not merely tasks we do in order to get paid, but our contribution to the proper functioning of the society we live in. Consequently, a small group of producitve people will not be sufficient to support the entire society. If there is an insufficient number of productive people contributing to society, the society will eventually collaspe.
However, it is not entirely true that people who work contribute positively to society because not all jobs are useful to the society we live in. For example, production of tobacco, psychoactive drugs, weapons, etc., are harmful to society. Moreover, useful jobs could be done with varying degree of efficiency. The more efficient we are at our jobs, the more we contribute to society. If everyone follows this concept, charity would be almost unnecessary. This is the Organised Thinking’s concept of intelligent collaboration.

Organised Thinking proposes that we should be responsible citizens, that we think of our behaviours as having effects over others, and that we aim at acquiring knowledge so we, as members of a society, could improve on the quality of good and services we provide to others.
Society needs our production and benefits when we improve our skills and knowledge. Through our production and improvement, we build a better society to live in. Hence, to be a responsible citizen is not only beneficial to others, but also to ourselves.

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